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What the IAC offers

Private Lessons

Every lesson is custom-designed for you, and the first evaluation lesson is free.

Group Lessons

For students of a similar skill level, usually focused on game analysis.

Online Lessons

We use Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, paired with lichess.

Training Camps

Day-long or week-long intensive sessions.


We host both online and in-person scholastic and open tournaments. 


Read more here.

School Programs

Weekly series of lessons through a semester or school year.

Online Lessons

Many of our instructors offer online lessons, which are cheaper than in-person lessons and have other advantages.


We use a video call interface and a chess website with an interactive board (e.g. or to analyze positions with students. Online lessons also allow students to save the positions used in the lessons to review and offer an easy way to send games and exercises for further study.   ​

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